Dave Stevens and Me
by Patrick Culliton
The producer/director Mel Shavelson let Dave Stevens join the crew to take all the
photos he wanted while we were shooting his movie "the Great Houdini." Dave and
I were handing my camera back and forth. Every shot Dave took was really nice.
Every shot I took was lousy. I still had these very mild, usually controlled, shakes
from Vietnam. I stopped shaking when I acted or performed. This is typical of the
blurred shots I got that day. This is Paul-Michael Glaser, Harry Blackstone Jr., Abb
Dickson, and the propman, whose name I can't find, but, who did a great job, with
Dave in 1976. We were filming at the Wilshire-Ebell theatre.
  Dave believed that certain elements of the movie E.T. were lifted
from him. Everyone remember this little guy getting a ride in the
handlebar basket of a bicycle in one of Dave's stories?
  Dave created the flyer below for a play I wrote. He drew a
marvelous caricature of John Blyth Barrymore juggling three skulls
and getting the hook. We had a great cast. Look up their IMDBs,
though that won't tell you about their stage work. Forbesy Russell
starred in "Grease" on Broadway. Peter DePaula starred in the
national company of "the Magic Show." Dick Wilson--Mr.
Whipple--did The Sullivan show a dozen times.