A Visit to Houdini's Grave
in fact
A Visit to two Resting Places of 2 Houdinis
One day, back around 1888, a fifteen year old magic aficionado named Erich Weiss told Jacob
Hyman, an eighteen year old who worked next to him at H. Richter and Sons Neckware factory,
about a book he had stayed up all night reading. Jacob was also interested in magic and
performing. Erich told Jacob about this incredible French magician, Robert-Houdin.
"I want to be just like this guy, Robert Houdeen!"
Jacob told him, "if you add an 'i' to Houdeen, it will mean 'like Houdeen' in French."
Shortly after, they formed an act called "The Bros. Houdini."
Today, several Houdini researchers and I went to the grave of Jacob Hyman--The "Other
Quite an experience. My fellow grave hunters were John Cox, Mark Willoughby, and Joe Fox.
Jacob Hyman is buried next to his wife, Lydah--in Graceland--that's the one at Forest Lawn, not
the one in Tennessee.
Then we found the crypt marked "Hyman--Joe Hayman--Mildred Franklin." Hayman and Franklin
were big stars in their day. Joe replaced Jake in the "Houdini Bros." act when Jacob Hyman
enlisted in the Army.
photo by John Cox