George Brooks (Lewis Goldstein) in 1905
Lewis Goldstein AKA George Brooks, James Collins, Houdini, Jim Vickery, Mrs. Houdini
Houdini, Bessie, according to Lewis Goldstein, the woman looking out the window is Mil
Franklin (Mrs Joe Hayman), I think the next man is Frederick George Vickery, then, George
Brooks (Lewis Goldstein), Jim Vickery, and Joe Hayman. Photo taken by Franz Kukol, 1905.
Mysterious Brooks
(Lewis Goldstein, 1886-1970
The couple standing in the center of the photo above are Lewis and Ida Goldstein.
Starting when he was 15 years old, Lewis Goldstein worked for Houdini as an
assistant and personal valet. Sometimes, he replaced Bessie Houdini in the
Metamorphosis trunk mystery.
The young gentleman who appears to be doing the opposite of the other youngsters (keeping his
eyes wide open while the other two kids are doing hear no evil and speak no evil) is Don Cohen.
He is also doing a magic trick. His grandmother was the sister-in-law of Lewis Godstein (at left)