Houdini's Assistant Jim Vickery
Harold James Vickery
Feb. 14, 1885-Nov. 5, 1954
Besides being Houdini's assistant, Jim Vickery was a vital member of the crew that
supported Houdini in his historic flight at Digger's Rest, Australia, March 18, 1910.
Houdini is in the cockpit, Antonio Brassac, the plane's mechanic is leaning against a
strut, and carpenter/metal worker Vickery stands in front.
photos courtesy of Jim Vickery's grand-daughter,
Janice Sauer and her husband Jerry
Jim and his wife
Pauline. Pauline Rey
had been a show girl.
She was one of the
bathing beauties who
walked into the
Hippodrome Pool and
simply vanished. They
descended steps until
they were submerged,
then, never came up.
photo taken by Franz Kukol
photo taken by Franz Kukol