1914--Harry Houdini deftly produces a parasol from Charles Morritt's hat
for Mr. Morritt and some boys.
Houdini purchased the plans for an illusion from British magician,
mentalist and inventor Charles Morritt. It was an illusion based on a
discovery by Mr. Morritt, which he had patented. This entirely new
application of an old magic principle had the capabilty of making anything
from a very small object to a very large object either appear from nowhere
or vanish completely. Even a very large object--a large animal for example!
the floor plan of the New York Hippodrome
Houdini was determined to use the principle to cause the envanishment of
the largest land animal on earth---an elephant---from the stage of the world's
largest theatre: the New York Hippodrome
Patrick Culliton has recently published his notes on Houdini's
Vanishing Elephant.
There is a book out now called "Hiding the Elephant" by Jim Steinmeyer. It is a
book which is intended to appeal to (and be available to) non-magicians. It is filled
with esoteric magic secrets and lore and, despite the fact that it reveals some
deep dark secrets of the magical arts, it has certainly evoked a very positive
response among professional magicians. In my own humble, expert, opinion
Hiding the Elephant is one of the two best books on the subject of magic ever
written for the public at large. Anyhow, Hiding the Elephant is not what I'm selling.
My lecture notes on Houdini's Vanishing Elephant illusion are what I'm selling. My
notes are thirty pages of description, photos and illustrations printed book-style
and spiral bound with a cover. I think these notes serve as a perfect compliment to
Steinmeyer's Hiding the Elephant. I also think that every magic aficionado,
collector or researcher will have some fun with Houdini's Vanishing Elephant, the
Notes by Patrick Culliton .
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